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Happy hour has become a well-deserved break for the 9-5 workers. There's nothing like meeting friends and family at your local bar after a hard day's work to relax and grab a drink for less cash. You may be surprised to learn that happy hour actually originated in the early 20th Century and has since transformed into the after-work staple that we all know and love.

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History of Happy Hour

Happy hour had a different meaning when it first came about during the early 20th Century. In the 1920s the term was American Naval slang created after the First World War. These hours were created for sailors to have time to enjoy relaxing activities on their ships. It was used to boost their morale much like a modern happy hour does for people after their workday.


The American Prohibition also affected how happy hours came into existence. During the Prohibition period, alcohol consumption and sales were banned throughout the country. Americans quickly found a way around these new laws by creating speakeasies. This was a secret place to enjoy beer or liquor before enjoying dinner. Happy hour then became the term to describe these illegal get-togethers. Luckily for us, happy hours are no longer considered illegal and can be enjoyed by all.

Popular Drinks

Happy hours typically begin at 4 pm but at Salt & Barrel, you can start the party early and enjoy discount drinks from 3-6 pm. Happy hours offer discounts on a variety of different drinks ranging from craft beer to cocktails. A little over 40% of people chose to enjoy beer during their leisure time. Wine came in second place while liquor came in third. At Salt & Barrel, there are happy hour deals for everyone to enjoy. Cocktails are $3 off and well drinks are half price! If beer is your choice you can get a Budweiser or Bud Light for only $4. Taps are also discounted down to $5-$6. If you're a wine fan you can enjoy your favorite glass for only $7.

Discount Meals

Happy hour isn't just about the drinks. You can also enjoy discount food to go along with your beverage of choice. Burgers have become the most popular happy hour food item to order with your favorite beer. At Salt & Barrel, you can take it up a notch by enjoying Burger & Lobster Roll Night on both Sunday and Monday for discounts on both. A 3-course pre-fixe menu is also available for only $40 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you want to make the most of your next happy hour, Salt & Barrel is the place for you. Enjoy your much-needed break by visiting us at 61 West Main St. Bay Shore, NY 11706. Or contact our staff today to get the party started! (631) 647-8818

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