Who Doesn't Love Brunch?

Brunch is that, come one, come all, meal that caters to everyone no matter what you feel like or who you are. Brunch doesn’t care about following the rules. It’s not just a passing trend; it’s a revolution. Seriously, who doesn’t love brunch? Come and brunch with us at Salt & Barrel. You’re bound to find something you like on our extensive menu. Make a booking and then continue reading our top reasons why brunch is the best meal of the day.

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You Can Eat Breakfast After Noon

For those of us who love a good lie-in, we tend to miss the delicious breakfast menus at our top restaurants. Not anymore. Brunch means you can order your favorite foods even though it’s past that dreaded 11:30 breakfast deadline. Just take a look at our scrumptious French Toast. You simply can’t miss out on this meal.

Happy Hour Starts Early

Oh yes, drinking our delicious craft cocktails in the wee hours of the afternoon is perfectly acceptable if you’re at brunch. The mimosa is the most popular brunch cocktail, but why not get adventurous and try our signature Royal Society Spritzer or Hipster Beach Sipper.

long island fine dining bay shore

You Get the Best of Both Worlds - Savory and Sweet

Whether you want a little sweet or savory, you can get both at brunch. You can snack on delectable canapes and get a whole range of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Check out our enticing savory treats.

Get Lunch Early

Sometimes you don’t want breakfast for, well, breakfast. You want to tuck into your favorite lunch foods but have to wait for the kitchen to open. Brunch lets you eat lunch early, so you can have that burger for breakfast if you want.

long island fine dining bay shore

There’s No Dress Code

While brunch is usually a fancy affair, there really isn’t a specific dress code you need to follow. You can wear, eat, and drink whatever you want. Who wouldn’t love brunch is the real question? It makes us all feel relaxed and comfortable.

We know how to brunch right at Salt & Barrel. Bring your friends or family and enjoy our hip vibe. Give us a call on (631) 647-8818 or send an email to oysterinfo@saltandbarrel.com. You can also complete this reservation form to make a booking today. We look forward to serving you a brunch you won’t soon forget.

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