Relax with a CBD Infused Cocktails in Bay Shore

We’re always happy to offer the novel CBD ingredient infused into our various cocktails. Let’s look at why that’s become so popular, especially in light of all the health advantages. Cocktails are fantastic in their own right, but this added enhancement is all the rage with our patrons here in Bay Shore.
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5 Reasons to Try a CBD-Infused Cocktail at Salt & Barrel

First, let’s recall what we mean by “CBD Infused.” Rather than mixing THC with alcohol (bad idea), CBD involves the combination of the more beneficial cannabinoids with your cocktails, mostly for relaxation purposes. There’s a lot of science to it, and you’re always welcome to do further research, but here’s a snapshot of CBD’s most recognized advantages.

  • It Assists With Lowering Inflammation
      • CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This means you can use it to assist with pain relief and other illnesses that arise from inflammation. This even includes mitigating the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.
  • It’s Heart Healthy
      • We’ve also found that using CBD in alcoholic drinks (in moderation) can assist with managing heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic ailments.
  • CBD Helps You Feel Good - Minus the Hangover
      • We all know that too much alcohol can leave you dehydrated, sick, and with an awful hangover the next day. CBD can actually offset this a little. Plus, it’s a terrific mood enhancer, especially if you’re worn out from a long day of work and lifestyle stress.
  • Less Inflammation Means Brighter Skin
      • Inflammation is the culprit behind all kinds of pain, itchiness, irritation, as well as dull skin color. So, if you’re trying to combat the effects of skin damage, CBD could be your ace in the hole. There’s no guarantee, but CBD oil has been found to help restore a beautiful and brighter complexion.
  • It’s a Great Way to Reduce Anxiety
    • We love to promote our lively evening atmosphere for socializing purposes. It’s a great way to address a multitude of anxiety problems. CBD lets you shrug off the anxious feelings in a healthy way that allows you to fluidly and easily interact with other patrons and friends.

We hope you enjoy learning a little more about CBD. While this involves lots of ongoing scientific research, we continue to get a clearer picture of its considerable efficacy. Don’t forget that you can always add CBD to your cocktail for only $5 extra.

Salt & Barrel is the best place to go for CBD-infused or traditional cocktails anywhere in Bay Shore, NY. We serve delicious food and wine selections all the time as well. Call us any time to schedule a reservation at 631-647-8818.

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