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Are you eagerly preparing for your latest party but have no idea what to do about the catering? Why not dine out? Whether you have a baby shower or office work party coming up, plan your next event with Salt & Barrel. Our family-run oyster and craft cocktail bar is the perfect place to bring your guests. We can think of four reasons why you should give it a try.

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An Event at Salt & Barrel Can Make Everyone More Comfortable

Planning an event is a massive undertaking and organizing the food is one small party. If you’re hosting a baby shower at home, you have to consider the decorations, furniture, and space. Not to mention the clean-up after everyone has left with a happy heart.

Moving your event to a restaurant removes all that pressure. Everyone can let their hair loose and just relax. A neutral space helps your guests settle in and feel comfortable. Salt & Barrel creates a modern, hip vibe. We cater to the individual needs of each client.

You Have Access to a Wider Range of Menu Options with Salt & Barrel

Creating your own menu for your next event is fun but is sometimes limited by the time you have to make your dream meal, especially if you have a guest list longer than your arm. You might want to serve something that you know you can’t make on your own.

Taking your party to a restaurant gives you access to a wider range of menu options. Salt & Barrel will help you create the perfect custom menu for your event. We do all the cooking and cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and can enjoy your event as much as your guests.

long island office parties bay shore

Private Dining Makes Everyone Feel Like a VIP

All your guests will feel like VIPs when you host your next event at Salt & Barrel. A private dining experience is a perfect way to celebrate anything from a birthday to a wedding anniversary. Exclusivity makes people feel good. Create a memorable evening for your guests at our restaurant. Take a look at the latest private dining experience we crafted to meet the needs of our guests.

The Best Part? No Clean-Up

Planning and throwing an event is the best, but the clean-up afterward is most people’s least favorite part. Throwing your next event at a restaurant can spare you all the hassle of cleaning up. Salt & Barrel will do all the hard work so that you can relax with your guests and make the most of your special event.

At Salt & Barrel, we love seafood and infuse our delicious dishes with the traditions of our beautiful community. View our menu here. We can help you make your next event exclusive and memorable. Drop us a line on (631) 647-8818 or send an email to You can also complete this contact form. Impress your guests with good vibes, excellent services, and delectable food.

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