How To Try Raw Oysters

Did you know that there are reportedly 2,500 oyster farms in Northern America alone, with this number expected to likely increase in coming years? It’s no secret that oysters are a much-loved seafood across the globe, but many people often shy away from this delicious delicacy. 

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Suppose you have never eaten raw oysters before; you might want to try eating them before you decide if they are a meal you won’t enjoy. Raw oysters have a unique taste and texture that might be off-putting at first, but after your first few, you will likely find you enjoy the flavor. Since there is no pre-determined “right way” to eat this gourmet seafood, it can be incredibly difficult to take the leap and try it. 

Fortunately, you needn’t be too worried as after reading our article, you’re going to know how to try raw oysters the next time you visit an exclusive oyster bar like Salt & Barrel. Trust us; once you have tried raw oysters, you’re likely to wish you had tried them sooner. 

The Oyster Terms You Need To Know For When You Order

When ordering raw oysters for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with a few oyster terms about the types of oysters available. Often most restaurants that serve raw oysters will stipulate on their menu or via their waiters what types of oysters they have so that you know what you’re eating.

Contrary to what you and many others might believe, there are actually many different types of oysters sourced from many different regions in the US and countries. That’s why restaurants stipulate the types they have on hand. Some oyster types are firm while others are soft, then there are saltier oysters and some that are bigger than others. 

Often for first-time raw oyster eaters, a milder oyster is recommended, so be sure to ask your waiter. Have a look below to learn the raw oyster terms that describe the type of oysters the restaurant offers diners. Additionally, when you are served your raw oysters, they will likely come in a half dozen or full dozen.


  • Sweet: These oysters are not actually sweet. This term is used to describe mild raw oysters that aren’t salty. 
  • Plump: These oysters have a fuller texture because they grow in nutrient-rich water. 
  • Cucumber: These raw oysters are sourced from British Columbia and are garnished with a cucumber finish.
  • Springy: These oysters are usually very firm (the opposite of plump oysters) because they grow in cold water, generally along the east coast. 
  • Creamy: Often, creamy oysters are softer and less salty. They have a buttery texture, unlike springy oysters. 
  • Fresh biscuits: This type of oyster is best for beginners because they have not developed a salty or strong taste. 
  • Copper: These oysters have a strong acidic flavor. 

How Best To Try Raw Oysters For The First Time

Now that you know the various raw oyster terms, it’s time to learn how to try raw oysters for the first time. 


  • Once your oysters have arrived, you will be able to choose if you want to add any condiments to them. Usually, some beginners will like to dampen the taste, while others will enjoy the experience of eating a raw oyster bare of any other ingredients. 


  • After deciding if you will add any condiments, you need to take your fork and slightly loosen the oyster from its shell. Don’t worry about the liquid surrounding the oyster, as it adds flavor to the oyster and helps it slide out. Additionally, you should note that it’s never a good idea to eat raw oysters that have a cloudy liquid or that don’t have this liquid.


  • Once you have examined your raw oysters and loosened them, it’s time to feast. Usually, it’s best to slurp your oyster down in one go. Although this sounds unappealing, it’s often the best way to eat an oyster if you don’t want to feel its texture yet. If you’re feeling brave, you could try chewing the oyster, which will help you get the full flavor. Yet, as a first-time raw oyster eater, this is generally not recommended. 

Now you know how to eat raw oysters for the first time. After your first taste test, you can determine if this meal is something you enjoy or if you never want to see, smell, or taste this controversial dish again. 

If you’re ready to try your first raw oysters, you can visit us at Salt & Barrel for a unique experience. We have tasty raw oysters you’re sure to find delightful. You can visit us at 61 West Main Street Bay Shore New York or call us at (631) 647-8818 to make a booking. We’re eagerly awaiting your visit.

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