How Happy Hour Became a Crowd Favorite Special

Have you ever wondered where anybody got the idea for Happy Hour? Why do we have food and drink specials at a particular time, and what’s happy about it?
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Well, it’s obvious why discount deals make us happy, but the origin story is an interesting artifact of our country’s history during WWI and the Prohibition era. Check out the fun story of how Happy Hour came into existence.

The Origin of Happy Hour

Happy Hour finds its roots in the U.S. Navy as part of a tradition dating back to World War I. The USS Arkansas, in an attempt to break up the monotony of life at sea, began hosting entertainment hours. At first, it didn’t involve food and drink as much as it does nowadays. It was more of an opportunity for naval servicemen to relax and enjoy things like dancing, boxing/wrestling matches, and music.

So, why does Happy Hour now involve drinking in bars? It has a lot to do with Prohibition and speak-easy. During the 1920s, when alcohol consumption had to go underground, the speak-easy would host an illicit “cocktail hour” that let people enjoy alcohol in secret.

By the end of Prohibition in 1933, the term Happy Hour resurfaced when drinking no longer had to be clandestine. Today, we use the term to describe a few hours of the afternoon or evening where businesses incentivize patronage with nice discounts.

Did you know they ban Happy Hour in several states? You can rejoice that this isn’t the case in New York, but eight different states still disallow the practice.

Happy Hour at Salt & Barrel

Come visit Salt & Barrel for Happy Hour and take advantage of these awesome deals.

  • Half-priced oysters!
  • $3 off seasonal cocktails
  • Half-priced well drinks
  • $7 wines (i.e., Julia James Pinot Noir, House Bubbles, and more!)
  • Every Day Monday through Sunday (closed on Tuesday)

So, you can tell that we really want to see your smiling face each afternoon. It’s a great time to come in between lunch and dinner to beat the crowd and chat with our friendly staff. What other restaurant in Bay Shore has 50% off oysters?

Salt & Barrel is the premier place for exquisite dining, great drinks, delicious seafood, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy Happy Hour. Now that you know the history behind it, you can enjoy it in a whole new light. If you’d like to know more about our discounts or menu items, call us anytime at 631-647-8818.

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