History of the Lobster Roll

If you're a lobster lover, most likely you’re a big fan of the lobster roll. Lobster rolls combine the savory flavor of lobster with the soft and comforting taste of dinner rolls.

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The first documented lobster roll was in 1929 at a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut called Perry’s.The sandwich grew in popularity throughout the coast of Connecticut, but didn't really make it out of the state until the 60's. In 1965, lobster salad was a popular dish on Long Island, New York, which was served at a restaurant called The Lobster Roll, in the ever popular Montauk.

The lobster roll is one of the most popular sandwiches now in New England. A New Englander will tell you there are two main variations on the theme, Maine style or Connecticut style. Natives of both states are known to fiercely defend their regional recipe as the gold standard of lobster rolls.

Connecticut's version is comprised of a top split hot dog bun stuffed with warm butter poached lobster enjoyed with a side of piping hot French Fries. Mainers style is cold tossed in mayonnaise, tarragon and celery served on a New England bun lightly grilled and side of chips.

The great debate continues on. Whats’ your favorite?

Luckily, Salt & Barrel serves both. Our in house ‘cult favorite’ is a ‘Connecticut’ style. Warm butter poached lobster topped with pickled celery and a side house-made salt and vinegar chip. Our to go ‘Maine’ version is tossed cold in a light mayo, tarragon and corn. This box comes with chips and a free drink coin for your next visit. To place an order with us at Salt & Barrel, give us a call 631-647-8818 or go online saltandbarrel.com.

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