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We here at Salt and Barrel in Bay Shore know that to the uninitiated, the American classic sandwich known as the lobster roll is spoken about like it's common knowledge. YouTubers like Casey Neistat have made full videos about them without even really going into depth about just what this famous sandwich is. And if you’re in that category of unknowing, we’ll fill you in, along with telling you about our sought after roll.

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What’s a lobster roll anyway?

What exactly is a lobster roll? It can sound much like something served at a sushi bar. But it’s actually a cross between a hero and sandwich with a seafood twist. Made famous in New England, lobster rolls traditionally come on a split-top bun. Inside this usually toasted bun comes a hearty amount of lobster filling that’s sprinkled with celery and chives. It may sound like a simple mix, but this simple mix packs a party of flavor in every bite.

Good Lobster Roll vs Bad

When you want to decipher a good lobster from a bad, it’s actually pretty simple. A good one will have usually always first have a toasted bun. Next, check the meat. If there’s a lot packed in there and it’s not all shredded, then you’ve got a great lobster roll on your hand. Steer clear and run in the other direction if you ever see more celery than lobster in that bun!

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What do you get with a lunch box to go at Salt and Barrel?

On to our lobster roll. When you eat at Salt and Barrel we always aim to have our guests not only leave happy, but full!

When you pick up a Lobster Roll Lunchbox to Go, the price is $25. It includes a drink coin upon return, and this is for the summertime only which is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. In the box you’ll receive an S&B cold Lobster salad with corn, a hint of mayo that comes with homemade chips & pickles.

Don’t wait and come on over to get your Lobster Roll lunch box today! We’re located 61 West Main St. Bay Shore, NY 11706. Have a question or want to make reservations ahead of time? Then give us a call at (631) 647-8818. You can also email us at oysterinfo@saltandbarrel.com.

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