Dive into The History of The Lobster Roll

One of our best handheld menu items is the lobster roll, for many obvious reasons. It’s delicious, fun, and goes great with a chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc for a relaxing evening.
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How well do you know the history and development of lobster rolls? We’ll illustrate how these have become a huge fan favorite in seafood restaurants all over this region.

Lobster Roll History

Anybody who's ever had one can tell you that lobster rolls are akin to having a lobster hot dog. It’s basically lobster in a bun, and one of the most popular summer snack or meal items in New England. Most lobster rolls contain ample amounts of sweet tail, knuckle, and claw meat portions.

Where did it originate?

The precise inventor of lobster rolls is unknown because they came about when New England and Canadian fishermen first put lobster on bread in search of a quick meal. It’s similar to the origin of the Hawaiian poke bowl (another popular item we serve). Poke was something Hawaiian fishermen invented, on the fly, by cutting up pieces of tuna and seaweed, for easy sustenance while fishing. Lobster roll development happened the same way.

There is also some dispute as to how old lobster rolls are, but they did not become commercially popular until the roaring 1920s. A seafood establishment in Milford, Connecticut, Perry’s, started serving lobster rolls to traveling customers in search of a hot lobster sandwich. It still didn’t catch on well with the public until makers ditched the uninspiring white bread, and serve lobster rolls in submarine sandwich rolls.

By around the 1950s through 1970s, lobster rolls gradually became a staple item at crab shacks and oyster bars. The best part is that it’s quick and easy to make, but lets you enjoy something wonderful like lobster on toasted bread anytime.

Warm Lobster Rolls at Salt & Barrel in Bay Shore

We invite you to enjoy lobster rolls with us at Salt & Barrel. Ours come from fresh hand-picked lobster meat that we mix with pickled celery, poached butter, tomato aioli, and served on a challah roll. We serve lobster rolls and all the best New England seafood staples, including shrimp tacos, crispy calamari, New England chowder, baked clams, scallops, salmon, and even octopus. Check out our full dinner menu to view every selection.

Salt & Barrel serves brunch and dinner along with cocktails and wine for our friends in Bay Shore. You can’t always find lobster and premium seafood options at ordinary cocktail bars, which is why we proudly offer that opportunity every day but Tuesday. Contact us to learn more about seafood selections or anything else at 631-647-8818.

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