Deep Dive into New York & Its Oysters

New York has a lavish oyster tradition that continues to this day as we serve shellfish to our patrons around Bay Shore. The oyster industry has been so influential in NYC that we even have entire buildings made from oyster-shell mortar paste. In this post, we’ll discuss the oyster history and why you should visit Salt & Barrel for the highest quality shellfish from all around the country. (more…)

Amazing Benefits of Oysters

Many oyster lovers can devour several in one sitting for the sake of great taste alone. There are, however, several amazing benefits to sticking them into your diet regularly. Oysters make neat pearls, they’re healthy, and we love serving them along with a nice cocktail here at Salt & Barrel. (more…)

How To Try Raw Oysters

Did you know that there are reportedly 2,500 oyster farms in Northern America alone, with this number expected to likely increase in coming years? It’s no secret that oysters are a much-loved seafood across the globe, but many people often shy away from this delicious delicacy.  (more…)

Trying a CBD Infused Cocktail

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, seems to be growing in popularity every day. You may have heard of CBD by now and some of its uses, but did you know CBD can also be used to enhance cocktails?


What is a Raw Bar? Let’s Find Out!

Chances are if you dine out often, you’ve glanced at the term “raw bar” on a menu before. You might not know what one is, and this isn’t a case of being ignorant, this is knowledge that the average person is unaware of. Fear not, dear readers, we’re about to give the proper explanation to this question and answer the curiosities that some of you may have...


Many Reasons To LOVE Oysters

While not everybody wants to take the plunge and enjoy oysters, we think the following advantages could change your mind if you’re healthy conscious. (more…)

Plan Your Next Event with Salt & Barrel

Are you eagerly preparing for your latest party but have no idea what to do about the catering? Why not dine out? Whether you have a baby shower or office work party coming up, plan your next event with Salt & Barrel. Our family-run oyster and craft cocktail bar is the perfect place to bring your guests. We can think of four reasons why you should give it a try. (more…)

Steps to Making an Eye-Catching Seafood Tower

On any day and in any season, seafood is always great food to order or prepare yourself. Besides some of the health benefits that seafood can bring to the table, it’s a type of food that has a little bit of everything for the whole family. Have some tilapia for an entrée, some finger food shrimp for the kids, and some lobster for those at the table that want to get their hands dirty. When it comes to seafood, you can even get a little fancy with it and make it into a display to be the talk of the party. We’re talking about building a seafood tower. And here’s how you do it! (more…)

The Art of Shucking

Shuck- to remove the shell from an oyster. Many people do not eat seafood at home because it is a lot of work. Shucking can be intimidating and messy for the faint of heart, but here at S&B we love to get down and dirty to get to the pearl.