Deep Dive into New York & Its Oysters

New York has a lavish oyster tradition that continues to this day as we serve shellfish to our patrons around Bay Shore. The oyster industry has been so influential in NYC that we even have entire buildings made from oyster-shell mortar paste. In this post, we’ll discuss the oyster history and why you should visit Salt & Barrel for the highest quality shellfish from all around the country. (more…)

Best Oyster & Beer Combinations for International Beer Day

August 5th marks International Beer Day, and it’s as good a time as any to check out the best ways to mix beer with oysters. As an oyster and cocktail bar, we can hardly resist the chance to talk about these delightful topics, especially simultaneously. (more…)

Weight Loss By Eating Seafood

Did you know you can lose weight while enjoying an awesome night of fine dining? Yes, it’s called eating seafood at Salt & Barrel! (more…)

Amazing Benefits of Oysters

Many oyster lovers can devour several in one sitting for the sake of great taste alone. There are, however, several amazing benefits to sticking them into your diet regularly. Oysters make neat pearls, they’re healthy, and we love serving them along with a nice cocktail here at Salt & Barrel. (more…)

Pairing Drinks with Oysters

You know that Salt & Barrel is all about cocktails and oysters, but are you aware of which drinks are the most appropriate for devouring a handsome helping of shell meat? You never want to eat them without a good stiff drink, so it’s valuable to know which ones are the perfect complement. (more…)

How To Try Raw Oysters

Did you know that there are reportedly 2,500 oyster farms in Northern America alone, with this number expected to likely increase in coming years? It’s no secret that oysters are a much-loved seafood across the globe, but many people often shy away from this delicious delicacy.  (more…)

National Oysters Rockefeller Day

National Oysters Rockefeller Day is January 10. Oysters Rockefeller is a food with a rich history dating all the way back to the era of Neolithic people 5,000 years ago. Use National Oysters Rockefeller Day as an excuse to dine on a platter of yummy oysters!


What is a Raw Bar? Let’s Find Out!

Chances are if you dine out often, you’ve glanced at the term “raw bar” on a menu before. You might not know what one is, and this isn’t a case of being ignorant, this is knowledge that the average person is unaware of. Fear not, dear readers, we’re about to give the proper explanation to this question and answer the curiosities that some of you may have...


The History of New York & Its Oysters

Do you know the history of New York and its oysters? It’s a very long one by American standards. In fact, it dates to colonial times when the popularity of oysters led the Dutch colonists to place restrictions on oyster harvesting due to overproduction in the 17th century. This is WAY before staple foods like pizza, hotdogs, and pretzels became the pillars of popular New York dining.


Chill With A CBD Infused Cocktail

We invite you to come to Salt & Barrel and chill with a CBD-infused cocktail! (more…)