Best Oyster & Beer Combinations for International Beer Day

August 5th marks International Beer Day, and it’s as good a time as any to check out the best ways to mix beer with oysters. As an oyster and cocktail bar, we can hardly resist the chance to talk about these delightful topics, especially simultaneously. (more…)

Happy Hour With Salt & Barrel

Happy hour has become a well-deserved break for the 9-5 workers. There's nothing like meeting friends and family at your local bar after a hard day's work to relax and grab a drink for less cash. You may be surprised to learn that happy hour actually originated in the early 20th Century and has since transformed into the after-work staple that we all know and love. (more…)

The History of New York & Its Oysters

Do you know the history of New York and its oysters? It’s a very long one by American standards. In fact, it dates to colonial times when the popularity of oysters led the Dutch colonists to place restrictions on oyster harvesting due to overproduction in the 17th century. This is WAY before staple foods like pizza, hotdogs, and pretzels became the pillars of popular New York dining.


Chill With A CBD Infused Cocktail

We invite you to come to Salt & Barrel and chill with a CBD-infused cocktail! (more…)

The Art of Shucking

Shuck- to remove the shell from an oyster. Many people do not eat seafood at home because it is a lot of work. Shucking can be intimidating and messy for the faint of heart, but here at S&B we love to get down and dirty to get to the pearl.


GRAB & GO Summer Drinks at Salt & Barrel

What is summer without your favorite summer drink? Well in our opinion, nothing! Stop by for our summer features - Cocktail Flasks and Mason Jarred Bloody Marys for two.