Brunch With Us!

Every so often, we love to remind folks of the wonderful late-morning hybrid meal known as brunch. For all our patrons who don’t want breakfast, but are hungry before lunch, this is the perfect synthesis of the two. Let’s look at some of the various reasons we love a nice weekend brunch here at Salt & Barrel.

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Live Music is Good for Your Health

Americans are much more concerned with their health nowadays, which is fantastic because we know a terrific way to help in that regard. Come to Salt & Barrel for live music! We can think of no better way to improve your physical and mental health than enjoying delicious food, tasty cocktails, and good music in a lively and relaxing ambiance.

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Happy Hour With Salt & Barrel

Happy hour has become a well-deserved break for the 9-5 workers. There’s nothing like meeting friends and family at your local bar after a hard day’s work to relax and grab a drink for less cash. You may be surprised to learn that happy hour actually originated in the early 20th Century and has since transformed into the after-work staple that we all know and love.

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How To Try Raw Oysters

Did you know that there are reportedly 2,500 oyster farms in Northern America alone, with this number expected to likely increase in coming years? It’s no secret that oysters are a much-loved seafood across the globe, but many people often shy away from this delicious delicacy. 

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Enjoy a Fine Dining Experience in Bay Shore

Treating yourself to a fine dining experience, especially during the holiday season, is one of the best gifts someone can receive. From dressing up and feeling like a celebrity, being greeted with etiquette and pampered by the staff, to savoring a delicious meal surrounded by an elegant ambiance, the entire event can feel magical.

Salt & Barrel is delighted to offer insight into the art of fine dining!

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A Quick Guide to Catering a Bridal Shower

Holy Moly, Matrimony!

There comes a very special time in a person’s life when they decide to settle down and become wed. The reaction to the news comes in several forms. Joy, shock, and the realization that someone whose friendship we hold dearly is beginning a bold new chapter in their life.

While the headaches and stress of planning a storybook wedding are on the horizon, so are two other traditions that friends of the betrothed take part in—the bachelorette party, and the bridal shower.

In case you’re someone who takes names of events quite literally, we need to emphasize that this does not include bathing the bride. A bridal shower is an event filled with joy and gifts as someone we cherish begins a new chapter in their life.

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