A Quick Guide to Catering a Bridal Shower

Holy Moly, Matrimony!

There comes a very special time in a person’s life when they decide to settle down and become wed. The reaction to the news comes in several forms. Joy, shock, and the realization that someone whose friendship we hold dearly is beginning a bold new chapter in their life.

While the headaches and stress of planning a storybook wedding are on the horizon, so are two other traditions that friends of the betrothed take part in—the bachelorette party, and the bridal shower.

In case you’re someone who takes names of events quite literally, we need to emphasize that this does not include bathing the bride. A bridal shower is an event filled with joy and gifts as someone we cherish begins a new chapter in their life.

Fine dining room for catering at Salt and Barrel in Bay Shore NY

A Decision of What to Serve

Like so many other events that host a multitude of guests, the thought of what should be served comes into question. First and foremost, consider the size of your guest list. Then, ask yourself a few questions?

  • Does the number of people in attendance warrant food?
  • If so, will snacks be plenty, or should a full course meal be served?
  • What should my options be?

Choosing Options for Choosey Guests

Having party guests means having a wide variety of tastes present in one location. The best way to satisfy this diverse selection is to counter it with a slightly more diverse selection. The best way to accomplish this is by serving appetizers and finger foods. You can satisfy the cravings and tastes of your guests rather simply this way.

Smaller Portions, Bigger Smiles

What makes an event like a wedding shower so enjoyable is the close-knit comradery in an intimate setting. This is the perfect moment to savor the moment, take it all in, and engage in the act of conversation. Smaller portions of food won’t detract from the celebration, and they can be placed throughout the course of the event.

Ideal Ideas

If you’re having some difficulty coming up with ideas, we’ve made some suggestions.


  • Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Artichoke Dip w/tortilla strips
  • Fresh Fruit on a Skewer


  • Stuffed Artichoke Hearts
  • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Croissants w/cream cheese


  • Cupcakes
  • Cheese or Carrot Cake

Choose Salt & Barrel for Your Bridal Shower Catering

If you decide to host a bridal shower, you might want to think of patronizing at Salt & Barrel. Your party can sit back with some oysters and a cocktail or two. Visit us online for a menu, directions, and much more! We are located at 61 West Main Street in Bay Shore NY.

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